Monthly Archives: March 2012

New Announcements from Propellerhead

Today, March 20, 2012, Propellerhead announced an app of iOS and an update to Reason 6 (and Essentials). The new iOS app is called “Figure.” It was submitted to Apple last Friday so we should see it appear in the app store in a week or so. Coverage from the announcement says that the app includes Thor and Kong making Read more

Combinator: Keyboard Split

If you feel like you don’t have enough keyboards to cover everything you want to do in a live show or just plan on being creative in the studio then the keyboard split is perfect. If you have a 49 key keyboard or higher then don’t consider getting an extra keyboard, learn how to split your sounds amongst the keys. Read more

Combinator: Assigning Knobs and Buttons

This is week 3 of exploring the Combinator. This week we look into assigning knobs and buttons on the combinator to knobs and buttons on devices enclosed. I also talk about the practical use for this for live and studio music. In the video I demonstrate with a patch that I created (Valor&Mischief) which you can download from the link Read more

Reason Essentials Price Reduced

Propellerhead announced today that Reason Essentials now only costs $129 (€120). This is a HUGE price reduction from the old price of $249. If you’ve thought twice about starting out with Reason Essentials I highly suggest you go and pick it up now. If you have questions or comments about Reason Essentials don’t hesitate to email me at Not Read more