Brandon plays keys for the band Break the Fall and his weapon of choice is Reason.

Before August, 2009 Brandon had very little to do with electronic music, synthesizers, and even playing the keyboard for that matter. One day a friend said “Hey wanna be in a band?” Two months after joining the band, Brandon asked a Facebook friend what software they were creating synths in. That person said “Reason” and here we are today.


I started out as what some people call a “n00b” and I still am a n00b. I’m a visual and hands on learner, so immediately after installing my copy of Reason I had to play around with it. In the beginning I didn’t even know the difference between Reason and Record. I thought I got ripped off, because it seemed like they both did the same thing, but one could open up in a full window and import .wav files. I’ve come a long way since then and I have a brand new game plan.

The Mr Brandon Peoples youtube channel has evolved from a place where I share music, to a place where I share tutorials. The channel now outlines my journey to becoming a stronger Reason user and it is continuing to grow. Since the start of my journey to understanding Reason better I’ve created tips and tutorials and shared them for free. I plan on continuing to do this and I plan on making the experience even better.