New RE From Ochen K in the Works

Ochen K posted a video to their youtube channel demoing a RE called Repeat. The video explains it all, but for the sake of a summary here are the key-points. Repeat is 4 channel looper that allows you to record loops at your own chosen lengths, play back independently from the sequencer, bounce loops across the devices channels, and more. Read more

ReLabeler from SonicWorkflow

A while back SonicWorkflow posted a video about a “ReLabeler” device that allows you to make notes and organize your rack. That video is no longer available, but SonicWorkflow has announced that the release of the device should be very soon. Along with that, a new video has been posted. Check it out:

Top Rated Instruments & FX – RE Shop

In the May 2013 Propellerhead Newsletter Propellerhead included a list of the top raed Instruments & FX. The list has a total of 6 devices and a couple of them might come as a surprise holding their place since the release of Rack Extensions last summer. Check the list and see if one or a few of your favorites rank Read more