Push Retouched for Reason

The guys over at Retouch Control are helping use feed our gear lust by unlocking Ableton Push for use in Reason with PusheR. Retouch Control claims that PusheR gives complete control of all native devices and FX. Along with mixer control, transport control, and an Adaptive Pad matrix that “changes based on the device it is controlling” according to the Read more

Navi Retlav Birthday Refill Bundle Sale

The creative being known as Navi Retlav will be 25 next week. To celebrate, Navi Retlav is hosting a 60% off Refill Bundle sale! More details and info on a possible freebie is available on the bundles page. Since it’s Navi’s Relavs birthday, what better way to support their work than by picking up this bundle.

Amplifikation Vermillion

Reason guitarists everywhere are crying with joy with the release of Amplifikation Vermillion. Shop Description: Guitar players now have a reason to play Reason. Whatever your playing style is, from country clean to somewhat heavy metal, this amplifier will provide any sound you need. Don’t play the guitar? Don’t hesitate to use this device on any other instrument as well! Read more

Figure Updated to 1.5

Figure, a music app hall of famer in the Apple App Store, received an update focused on sharing and remixing. The official update list includes Share your Figures with friends – Send Figure files via email to other Figure users Send song files to other apps – Figure can now send files to other file handling apps on your iOS Read more

Nektar Panorama – New Supported RE’s

It looks like Nektar is releasing their firmware updates to include support for all of their supported software, instead of pushing out updates based on platforms. Either way, an update is here that includes some VST support and the following RE’s: Expert Sleepers – Silent Way Voice Controller Propellerheads – PX7 (Updated) Jiggery Pokery – Charlotte Rob Papen – RPVerb Read more