Reason ReCap Episode 1: Sweet Nektar!

Reason ReCap Episode 1: Sweet Nektar! (2012-11-3) This is the first ever ReCap, where we take everything Reason related and put it in one ReCap for the week. With each ReCap you have a chance to share your music with everyone watching. Watch till the end to find out how.

It’s Here! Reason 6.5

It’s here and I almost missed it while working at a youth camp. This past Thursday Propellerhead lifted the viel and unleashed Reason 6.5, which include Rack Extensions. If you are an owner of Reason 6 or Reason Essentials, this upgrade is free to you and you can grab your download here. If you don’t have Reason, choose your poison Read more

Propellerhead Reveals Info on 3rd Rack Extension!

 Today, 06-08-2012, Propellerhead revealed more info on their 3rd Rack Extension Polar. Propellerhead states that “It’s not just third parties who are getting into the creation of Rack Extensions” and I’m so glad it’s not. With the Reason 6.5 upgrade being free for registered users of Reason 6 I’m going to lap up every bit Rack Extension that Propellerhead manages to put Read more