Rack Extensions

Amplifikation Vermillion

Reason guitarists everywhere are crying with joy with the release of Amplifikation Vermillion. Shop Description: Guitar players now have a reason to play Reason. Whatever your playing style is, from country clean to somewhat heavy metal, this amplifier will provide any sound you need. Don’t play the guitar? Don’t hesitate to use this device on any other instrument as well! Read more

Nektar Panorama – New Supported RE’s

It looks like Nektar is releasing their firmware updates to include support for all of their supported software, instead of pushing out updates based on platforms. Either way, an update is here that includes some VST support and the following RE’s: Expert Sleepers – Silent Way Voice Controller Propellerheads – PX7 (Updated) Jiggery Pokery – Charlotte Rob Papen – RPVerb Read more

ReLabeler from SonicWorkflow

A while back SonicWorkflow posted a video about a “ReLabeler” device that allows you to make notes and organize your rack. That video is no longer available, but SonicWorkflow has announced that the release of the device should be very soon. Along with that, a new video has been posted. Check it out: