Dispatch — Download Pro Loops and Presets for Music Software

Dispatch- New Atlantis Audio

New Atlantis Audio just released a Refill delivering system called Dispatch.

Dispatch — Download Pro Loops and Presets for Music Software.

With a monthly subscription of $9 or an anual subscription of $88, you “Get a new ReFill issue each week. Instrument patches, device presets, Combinator racks, Rex loops, and more.”

Personally I think that this is awesome. We subscribe to magazines, music services, TV shows, and all other types of media. Why not subscribe to Dispatch and get a weekly Refill? Even better yet, you are guaranteed quality content from New Atlantis Audio and their amazing sound designers and Refill creators.


If you check Dispatch out, come back and let me know what you think of the service. I recommend it. Will you?

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