Figure Updated to 1.5


Figure, a music app hall of famer in the Apple App Store, received an update focused on sharing and remixing. The official update list includes

  • Share your Figures with friends – Send Figure files via email to other Figure users
  • Send song files to other apps – Figure can now send files to other file handling apps on your iOS device
  • Back up and restore songs via iTunes – You can now copy Figure songs to and from your iOS device to your computer via iTunes
  • Auto-conversion of old files – Your old Figure songs will be automatically converted to the new format when you launch Figure 1.5 the first time

This might as well be called the “Collaboration Update.” With the new collab possabilities, Preopellerheads have given us several reason to share Figure with our friends.

If you don’t have figure already….brace yourself…this link takes you on a epic journey strait to it!

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