Mono/Stereo Switcher (Reason Combinator Free Download)

Every once and a while on the forums someone asks about a way to reference their track in Mono. It wasn’t until recently that I made a combinator that makes it easy to switch between Mono and Stereo. As always, the patch can be downloaded for free (link at bottom).

All you have to do is insert the combinator, route your master sections output into it. Then route the combinators output to your output on the audio I/O section in the rack. It should look something like this:

Other than using using the Mono/Stereo Switcher for an easy switch to reference tracks it has a great use for live shows.

Whether you are using reason to sequence tracks or just using it as a live synth, depending on where you are playing, you may not be able to run a stereo line to the board. As long as the Mono/Stereo Switcher is in your rack, you can easily change from Mono to Stereo depending on what the venue allows.


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