No Reason Support for M-Audio Axiom AIR Line?

In case you’ve missed the news about the new M-Audio Axiom Air series, you can read about it here:

For those who are planning to buy this controller, there is something you will really want to know. At the moment this is the current list and development status of DAWS that will be supported by the HyperControl feature on the Axiom Air series:

  • Ableton Live – Coming Soon
  • Pro Tools – Under Development
  • Cubase – Under Development
  • Logic – Under Development

If you didn’t notice Reason is missing from the list, but we can do something about this! Visit this page…control-survey and vote for Reason/Record. Under the keyboard selection choose the AIR keyboard you are interested in. If you don’t plan on getting an AIR controller you can still help by selecting any of the Axiom AIR keyboards.

Let M-audio know we want the HyperControl support! InMusic Brands says the controllers are expected to ship in May so we need to act as soon as possible.

Feel free to leave a comment below telling me what you think. Also, check out the official thread on the Propellerhead User Forum. Show your support and leave your thoughts.

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