Propellerhead Reveals Info on 3rd Rack Extension!

 Today, 06-08-2012, Propellerhead revealed more info on their 3rd Rack Extension Polar. Propellerhead states that “It’s not just third parties who are getting into the creation of Rack Extensions” and I’m so glad it’s not. With the Reason 6.5 upgrade being free for registered users of Reason 6 I’m going to lap up every bit Rack Extension that Propellerhead manages to put out.

Ok ok, less about Rack Extensions in general and MORE about Polar! I present to you from Propellerhead…Polar- The Old School harmonizer:

Once you’re done eyeing this babe out read on to get a gist of what’s up with this device. Polar is like the Octopus of Rack Extensions. According to the description from Propellerhead, Polar is a harmonizer, stereo-widener, realtime pitch shifter, and can also do loop buffering and audio freezing. Now, that sounds great and all, but if propellerhead keeps making great devices they might want to think about lag compensation. Anytime your dealing with realtime audio adjustments without lag compensation it’s a bit like playing an online video game on a dial up connection.

I might be going out on a limb here, but it seems to me like there are two which might mean we can shift one signal and make two shifted output signals. Which makes harmonizing a cinch! Also, each shift section has it’s own LFO  control and pan! So in all, we can have a dry signal and two shifted signals come out of Polar. Now we just need to see the backside to see how we can route all this.

Propellerhead also suggests to “completely mangle a sound into an interesting mess” with Polar. I say, great words of advice and I moste definitely will do so.

Now, what we really want to know is when we can get out hands on this device!

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