Q&A: Live Arrangement

Hi my name is david an I would like to find out how to use Reason 6 as a live backup band, sort of like what an ‘Arranger’ keyboard does, like the Yamaha Tyros 4, were I can create my own  sequence track and manipulate it in real time for example I could change the way it usually starts like A,B,C,D and in real time it can start like D,C,A,A,D,C,C,A, I don’t know if I am making clear sense to you, in a nut shell ‘Unpredictable’ is the word am looking for  thanks


Reason doesn’t allow you to rearrange things in real time that way. If the order changes from show to show, then it would need to be predetermined and arranged before the show. Although there is a way, but it would require some extra CPU processing and wouldn’t work in all cases.

If all your tracks are comprised of loops you could load them into their own audio track. So you would have an audio track for track A, B, C, and D. Say A is an Intro, you would mute, B, C, and D. Once the intro is over you would mute the intro and unmute the next section and keep doing so as the song changes. You would need to have everything playing at once which would take up quite a bit of RAM.

Reason just isn’t made to be applied that way, but I’m sure there are more work arounds.

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