Reason ReWrite Week 2

Introducing ReWrite. A series similar to ReCap, but in writing. I will be doing these instead of ReCap during the summer as band stuff gets busier and I’m not able to record video.

Reason 7.0.1 and Essentials 2.0.1 are now available for download including these fixes as listed on the official Propellerhead fix list:

  • Fixed a bug that could lead to an “Unexpected Exception” message when starting Reason under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where the spectrum EQ window did not function properly after sample rate changes.
  • Fixed a bug where Reason could crash under certain conditions after changing display settings on Mac.
  • Added Remote codec for Novation Launchkey.
  • Fixed Rack Extension download time-out problem in Authorizer.
  • Fixed a problem in Authorizer where an “Internal Error” dialog could be shown when trying to start a new Rack Extension download if old downloads were still in progress.

Get your downloads here:

Reason 7.0.1

Essential 2.0.1

New Devices:

ReLabeler – Umarb8′s Sonic Workflow

Relabeler Front

There are over 130 rack devices now available in Reason. A ReLabeler… is designed to keep track of these devices and all that they can do to your sound. Take notes inside of your rack. Set color status conditions on each note. Collaborate without having to write long external emails or documents. Stay inside Reason where the creativity is happening!

Runciter – u-he

Runciter Front

Runciter. Filter with parallel lowpass, bandpass and highpass outputs, resonance, controllable input overdrive and brick-wall fuzz.

Filters were always dramatic sound-shaping tools, one reason why they’re still so popular. But users today expect more than a simple resonant lowpass, so here’s RUNCITER! For classic wah-wah, add low- and highpass together then control cutoff from a MIDI pedal. Or max out the resonance and drive the input from -48db to 48dB for a vast range of effects… instant glittering sweeps or absolute filter mayhem!

INTRO OFFER: 19$ till June 16th 2013, then 39$ – also check for bundle options!!!

Uhbik T – u-he

Uhbik T Front


Tremolo – but if you think that just means ‘volume wobble’ you haven’t tried the mother of all tremolos yet: Uhbik-T!

Our tremolo unit Uhbik-T is a general-purpose ‘rhythmicizer’ featuring linear or exponential gain modulation. But there’s much more: You can morph between user-defined patterns in the 11 x 16 grid, apply rhythmic lowpass filtering, add vibrato or Haas-delay spatial effects… tremolo redefined!

INTRO OFFER: 19$ till June 16th 2013, then 39$ – also check for bundle options!!!


  • All of Uhbik- All of u-he’s award winning Uhbik effects in one big bumper package!
  • Uhbik Creative Effects - The wilder side of Uhbik – distorting filter, granular effects, frequency shifter.
  • Uhbik Modulation Effects - The “maximum motion” side of Uhbik – a flanger/chorus, a 42-stage phaser, plus a tremolo that can filter, gate and pan.
  • Uhbik Studio Effects - The pixie-dust side of Uhbik – a stunning plate reverb, a flexible yet easy-to-use equalizer plus a tape delay with that extra tap whenever you need it.



Street Drums – Navi Retlav



A good drummer doesn’t need a professional drum kit. He can play on anything and it will sound great. If you are big fan of stomp or live drum and bass style played with trash kits in urban environments, then this Refill should fit nicely in your Reason rack. Read More…


Note: Descriptions for each device are from the description of the device in the Rack Extension Store.

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