Reason ReWrite Week 6

What’s up Peoples? In this ReWrite we are going to cover 2 weeks worth of RE news. For those who haven’t been checking the store for the past 2 weeks, you are in for a surprise. Lot’s of new RE’s and even a new mobile app from Propellerhead was released. Just keep reading to find out what’s new.

New Releases:


AutoTheory Front

Play like a pro.

Use the AutoTheory Harmonic Engine to easily create chord progressions and melodies, whatever your musical background.

From the engineers behind the Selig Leveler by Selig Audio and Charlotte by Jiggery-Pokery.


Get Layed-With Voltage Front

“Get Layed – With Voltage” is a control-voltage chainable multi-tap delay specifically designed for music.

Designed specifically for synthesizers and samplers, this Digital Delay Line provides multiple synced control voltage delays with Octave Shifting for notes, allowing for advanced digital delay effects from the origination point.

Use with One-Note Stand to control multiple synthesizers and samplers.

This product is included in the Get Layed – With Music bundle.


Get Layed With Sound Front

“Get Layed – With Sound” is a chainable multi-tap delay specifically designed for Propellerhead’s Reason music studio software.

This Digital Delay Line provides that creative boost to make delay patterns, sequences, and processes never before available in Reason, or most other music systems for that matter.

Get Layed – With Sound has the delay power you need for your most advanced music projects.

This product is included in the Get Layed – With Music bundle.


One Note Stand Front


Control Voltage Note And Gate Generator

Now there is an interface that allows control voltage note and gate signals to be controlled directly from a MIDI keyboard or from the Reason sequencer, and this is it!


Noxious Front

Noxious is a polyphonic additive synthesizer. Additive synthesis consists of adding tens, hundreds or thousands of individual sinusoidal oscillators to create complex waveforms or sounds. In theory, additive synthesis is able to recreate any sound imaginable but is usually a challenge to manipulate.
Noxious takes an intermediate route to additive synthesis by offering a limited mean of manipulating these sinusoidal oscillators, called partials, through “modifiers” and classical filters.


Silent Way Voice Controller Front

Silent Way Voice Controller allows you to control your analog synths directly from Reason, in conjunction with a DC-coupled audio interface or an Expert Sleepers hardware module.

Think of it as a MIDI/CV converter on steroids – but one that is sample accurate, free of jitter, and which automatically calibrates for perfect tuning.

The Voice Controller is the first element of the renowned Silent Way suite to become a Rack Extension. Look out for others joining it soon!


3Plex Front

2 Delay Lines are better than one and 3 Filter Delay Lines are better than two! Pack them along with 3 LFO units to multiple modulation targets, add a lots of new innovative features and you’ve got Quadelectra’s new Advanced Line Filter device: 3Plex


Boom 808 Percussion Synth Front

BOOM 808 is a percussion and bass synthesizer inspired by the legendary TR-808 drum machine. BOOM recreates classic 808 sounds using virtual analog synthesis with all new features like a full bass instrument, tuning for all instruments, and full CV control and automation. There’s even an ANalogify knob for that old school flavor.

*** In celebration of the release of BOOM, we’re sponsoring a beatmaking contest: Bring the BOOM! If you think you can, make a beat with boom and enter to win great prizes. Visit to enter. ***



C1-L1 is stereo and mono audio signal dynamic range compressor. C1-L1 compressor has distinctive sound allowing its usage not only for technical purpose of dynamic range compression but also for artistic sound coloration.
C1-L1 compressor besides main dynamic range compression module also contains limiting module, which allows controlling peaks passing through the compressor, mid-range equalizer module doing ISO 226 curves equalization and input signal or gain reduction VU-meter with lamp indicator for limiter operation control.
C1-L1 compressor has adjustable high-pass filter for side chain signal, also supports «parallel» compression and M/S operational mode.


Unifylter Front

Unleash your creativity !

The most lightweight yet smart Low Shelving Filter is here.

From DSP engineers behind MGSoft: Unifylter, the most useful tool to blend better your tracks, now with CV modulation capabilities, too!


MonoPoly Front

Mono/Poly for Reason uses Korg’s proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology) to precisely model the electronic circuitry of the original analog instruments, capturing the exact sound and parameter responses of the original units.



  • Get Layed-With Music - This bundle combines Deadman Audio Devices’ two hottest Digital Delay units: Get Layed – With Sound, and Get Layed – With Voltage at a great price!Combine with One Note Stand (FREE) to get the delay control and power that every musician and producer needs.

New to iOS:


One of Reasons best features, Thor, is now available for use on iPad. Playable with a built in Keyboard feature that allows for full control or selecting of chords to always stay in the right key. Best of all, while you are out and about creating a new Thor patch, you can transfer that patch to your computer and load it into Reason. Along with that, you can also transfer your favorite Thor patches to your iPad.

For more info, check out the full article on the Propellerhead website:

Device images and descriptions are from their respective page in the Propellerhead Rack Extension Shop. Thor for iOS image credit- Propellerhead Software.

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