Reason ReWrite Week 7

Dispatch- New Atlantis Audio

What’s up Peoples? Fridays are better than ever now. Dispatch, a new Refill delivery service from New Atlantis Audio, delivers a new Refill every week, strait to your inbox. Dispatch challenges you to discover new sounds every week. If you were already signed up, last week you would have discovered “Lush Synthesis Instruments.”

Have a listen and sign up for yourself:

New Releases:


PlayGate Front


“The PlayGate is a playable gate for both audio and CV signals. Morph and fade between your favorite sounds, turn on and off your precious effects or select the audio or CV source of choice. Be creative in your music and expressive on stage. The PlayGate allows you to do it all.”



Late at night and need to keep the volume down?

On the road and don’t have access to your favourite monitors?

Budget wont cover that expensive set of studio monitors?

HM-1 Headphone Monitor Correction can help resolve these situations by emulating a set of high quality monitor speakers using just a standard pair of headphones.


Device images and descriptions are from their respective page in the Propellerhead Rack Extension Shop.

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