Reason ReWrite Week 9

Unifylter Front

What’s Up Peoples? The summer heat is rising, but Rack Extension releases are doing the opposite. Even though we only get one brand new device, we sure did get a bunch of updates!

New Release:


Tone Mutation Vocals Front

“Numerical Sound Tone Mutation: Vocals (TMV) contains 36 human vowels and animal resonances designed to greatly expand the range of your synthesizer and audio tracks by transforming them into vocal sounds. High precision resonances dramatically enhance vibrato – giving accurate vibrato tone from
any synth. Elevated high frequencies allow TMV to work with maintain clarity and impact on any percussion sound. Dramatically changes the sound of your existing patches, especially pads and full-frequency sounds. The available combinator patch allows smooth morphing through 8 different selectable vocal sounds on any Reason instrument.”




Don’t forget to check out the new Refill delivery service Dispatch from New Atlantis Audio. With Dispatch, “Get a steady stream of exclusive, royalty-free content for your favorite music making platform. Discover new sound designers, explore new sounds, download a new collection every week.”

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Device images and descriptions are from their respective page in the Propellerhead Rack Extension Shop.

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