ReCap: All in a Weeks Work

After receiving some questions about why some news doesn’t make it into ReCap and some does I figured this would be a great time to explain what a ReCap week is and what goes into each ReCap.

A ReCap week is a little bit different than a normal week. Instead of Sunday to Saturday, A ReCap week is actually from Thursday at noon until the next Thursday at noon. So, anything that happens after Thursday at noon (CST) will actually be in the next week’s episode.

Why Thursday you ask? ReCap production is started and completed on Thursdays.Post Production begins on Thursday night so that the episode can be released on Friday. YouTube requires proof of permission to use images/video for each logo and device shown in ReCap, so the publishing process can be quite lengthy. Sometimes the ReCap isn’t fully processed until later in the day on Friday. Other times like with Episode 3, 4 weeks later, still hasn’t fully been processed. Kind of a pain right?

So what about Pre Production? Pre Production takes place right after the current weeks ReCap goes into Production. Pre Production consists of lots of emails to developers to get permission to use their logo and device images/video for use in ReCap. Once I get permission from them, I then grab the description of their device, make screen caps/video of the device, and add it to the script. This happens throughout the whole week, so that when Thursday comes, I can jump right into Production and get in to Post as fast as possible.

What happens in Production? First off, I finalize the script, do a few run-throughs,  and then record the voice over (VO). After the VO is recorded I go through it and cut out the dead space and reduce breath noises…you know…make it sound pretty :) After that’s exported, I open up Adobe Premiere and import the track. Along with the VO, I import music that is submitted by a viewer. With the VO and the music in the sequencer I can now start adding the graphics and do the visual parts of ReCap. Once that’s done the video gets exported and uploaded to YouTube where Post Production starts.

So, that’s how ReCap works and why it is the way it is! I hope you enjoy the show and I hope to do this for a long time :)

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