Combinator: Keyboard Split

If you feel like you don’t have enough keyboards to cover everything you want to do in a live show or just plan on being creative in the studio then the keyboard split is perfect. If you have a 49 key keyboard or higher then don’t consider getting an extra keyboard, learn how to split your sounds amongst the keys. Read more

Combinator: Assigning Knobs and Buttons

This is week 3 of exploring the Combinator. This week we look into assigning knobs and buttons on the combinator to knobs and buttons on devices enclosed. I also talk about the practical use for this for live and studio music. In the video I demonstrate with a patch that I created (Valor&Mischief) which you can download from the link Read more

Reason Essentials Price Reduced

Propellerhead announced today that Reason Essentials now only costs $129 (€120). This is a HUGE price reduction from the old price of $249. If you’ve thought twice about starting out with Reason Essentials I highly suggest you go and pick it up now. If you have questions or comments about Reason Essentials don’t hesitate to email me at Not Read more

Mono/Stereo Switcher (Reason Combinator Free Download)

Every once and a while on the forums someone asks about a way to reference their track in Mono. It wasn’t until recently that I made a combinator that makes it easy to switch between Mono and Stereo. As always, the patch can be downloaded for free (link at bottom). All you have to do is insert the combinator, Read more

Free Reason 6 Combinator Patch (-wimp to pimp+)

-wimp to pimp+ was designed to turn a rather wiggly sound into a punchy sound all in one patch and on a one knob basis. Make sure to play around with the -wimp to pimp+ knob and Beef button on the combinator itself to get the full experience. If you use it post a link or email me at Read more