Ochen K.

Reason ReWrite Week 4

What’s up peoples? Don’t miss a “Beat” about the latest Rack Extension and RE updates. Here is ReWrite week 4 with all the links provided. New Devices: Spacre Spacre is a 2U Blank Panel for the Reason Rack. http://shop.propellerheads.se/product/spacre-blank-plate/  MINGLER ACTIVE AUTO SELECT LATEST CV Mingler Active is an automatic CV selector, sending the latest changed input to the output. Read more

New RE From Ochen K in the Works

Ochen K posted a video to their youtube channel demoing a RE called Repeat. The video explains it all, but for the sake of a summary here are the key-points. Repeat is 4 channel looper that allows you to record loops at your own chosen lengths, play back independently from the sequencer, bounce loops across the devices channels, and more. Read more

Reason ReCap Episode 4: Ahhh! Spider!

The Rack Extension store has spun a nice web of releases and updates this week! *Reason ReCap is a weekly YouTube show about what’s new in the world of Reason.*

Reason ReCap Episode 1: Sweet Nektar!

Reason ReCap Episode 1: Sweet Nektar! (2012-11-3) This is the first ever ReCap, where we take everything Reason related and put it in one ReCap for the week. With each ReCap you have a chance to share your music with everyone watching. Watch till the end to find out how.