Q&A: Using the Combi live in Reason.

you show using the combinator for live performances, can you tell me how to use it in Reason5, and not record?

It works the same.

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  1. Reply Kent

    It works the same? I do not see a .record file.. do I need it then?

    • Reply Brandon Peoples

      Nope, you don’t need it. .record is just the file type for Record. Your Reason 5 file will be a .rns file (.reason for Reason 6+). In both versions the combinator works the same.

  2. Reply Kent

    Thanks, Brandon. I have scoured the internet and am diligently reading the manual and help files but have not yet found an answer for the next question. I am trying to trigger an intro sample/audio file in reason. I tried using Redrum. It is about a 15 second wav file. I am not able to map the play button to a button or key on my Behringer UMX610 as the play button for any channel in Redrum is not mappable… go figure. Do I place the file in the sequencer to trigger? I looked at the other samplers and do not see a way of triggering audio files externally. Where should I start looking to do this?

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